Veronica Soto - Hlampeas ​​​has been an  artist since she was old enough to hold a crayon. While in second grade  she was asked what her favorite color was, "Red?" asked her teacher, and Veronica responded "Blue is the best color".  She knew from her  crayons that blue was the most beautiful color of all since it  represented the sky and the ocean. Her family encouraged her as did her  teachers to continue to create and draw. It was always something she was  able to carry with her throughout her life. At the tender age of .......ha! almost gave it away!....,  Veronica woke up from a long artistic sleep and begun her love affair  with art once again. It has been several years since then and every day  is a new day full of creative and artistic possibilities. Gouache is her  favorite! It's vibrant and delicious. Can paint be delicious? If so,  then it's gouache. 

Here are some fun facts about Veronica that you probably didn't know:

·  She loves to travel and go antiquing with her husband, taking loads of photos along the way. 
·  She loves to find little treasures that have been long forgotten or discarded. 
·  Her favorite TV channel is TCM. This is magical as it can transport you into another place and time. 
·  Her favorite food is cheese. (She thinks she was a mouse in her previous life!)
·  She once auditioned for a children's TV show and when it was her turn  to speak in front of the camera, she froze and mumbled nonsensical  things to the people in the room. Needless to say she didn't get the  part. 
·  She loves to dance. (She will dance to pretty much anything.)
·  As child, she played the piano and the violin. As an adult, the guitar is looking more and more enticing. 
·  Naps are her favorite!

Her previous clients include author Tonya Hurley, and (the now closed) Liberace Museum in Las Vegas. 

​She  hopes to be able to inspire children and adults alike to go after their dreams. Let them know that right now is the right time to start on your  path to find what makes your heart sing.

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